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Friends deceives, and life's hell.

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Long, sad post ahead. I'm sorry about that.

Hell, things aren't fun no more. Let me tell ya'll why.

First off, when I was 12 years old I went into serious depression, lasted for over two years til the time I was about 15 years old. Then things, for no real reason, started getting better. I was happy and so on. The my friends, the people I've known for over 10 years started pretty much betraying me.

Well, first off! We'll call my friends Mike (known him since I was in daycare, he's one year older than me), Paul (went in the same class for over 10 years, known since daycare) and Alan (Same class for 10 years).

These people I've always trusted. I've almost spent more time with them then with my family, but then they started fucking things up.

Let me tell you. There's 2 girls in my old class, Let's call them Emily and Sara. I've never liked them. In fact, I have some serious reasons for hating them (they had a big part in my depression, for example), and my friends knew that. But still, my pals invited these two girls to Mikes house one weekend. We have a no-drug (that means alcohol too) policy, so they, not me, thought it was okay.

But this girl, Emily, is a real player. She dates guys, stays with them for a few months, then leaves them. So I really didn't want to have her with us. But guess what, the day before we all met, she was seeing another guy that we don't know, she fell in love with him, and he rejected her.

So we all went in and comforted her, even I was nice to her. But then she, as I was expecting, started fucking up everything. First she, for no reason at all, started making out with Paul. And later the same evening she made out with Mike. The next day they were suddenly a couple, and Mike's my best friend, so I made her promise that she wouldn't leave him, but she did, 3 days after she promised, for no particular reason. I hated her even more.

But then later on, my friends started inviting some other girls to us all the time; Sara and her friend Mandy. Mandy's a real b*tch to me, but nice to everyone else. My friends know how I feel for these girls, but they were always after us, doing what we were doing.

And now, Sara's together with Paul, and Mandy's together with Alan. I'm okay with that, because they're my friends. But I said to them, I do not wish to be apart of their relationships. I requested that we shouldn't mix love and friendship here. They agreed.

But now, a few days ago, I invited all my friends (alas, not the girls) to my house, so we all could get along as friends as we used to do. You know, play some poker, some video games and buy some soda and watch a film and things like that. And they came. For an hour or so, we had a great time, hanging out as we used to do. But then they showed their real faces.

Suddenly, Sara and mandy came into my house (note: they didn't even knock before) without a warning. I told them that I had requested that they would not come today, because I just wanted my closest friends with me, for just one evening, is that too much to ask for? But according to them, Paul and Alan had invited them in, against what I had told them. Even though I felt angry and betrayed, I let them in, to be a good host and everything.

And just minutes after they went in, Sara and Paul said that they had to use my computer, so I showed them to my room (we were in the living room before) and they went in. A few minutes later, Mandy had to use the bathroom, so she went upstairs, and Alan went with her. Well, I probably knew what was happening, but I didn't want to believe it.

But after an hour, I couldn't take it. So I went upstairs to see what Mandy and Alan was doing in the bathroom, and they weren't there. Instead, they were in my brother's room, making out with barely any clothes left on. I wanted nothing more than to throw them out, but I wanted to be nice to my friend, so I told them if they had sex, I was gonna call the police, so keep your clothes on. They agreed and continued making out.

And guess what Sara and Paul were doing? That's right. They were in my bed, clearly having sex. There was a moment of frenzy, where I actually grabbed Sara by the throat and pulled her out of the bed. But then I did feel a tiny bit of remorse for Paul, so I said what i said before. Clothes on now, if they come of again, I'm calling the cops right away. They agreed, put on their clothes, and what do you know, kept making out.

I checked in on both couples a couple of times, and thankfully they kept their clothes on. But I would have seriously called the cops if they took them off, right away.

The rest of the evening, I was sitting in the living room with Mike, watching a comedy. I didn't laugh a single time. I really wanted to cry more than ever, but I just couldn't. Mike asked me what was wrong, and i think he knew, just from the way l appeared.

Half an hour later both couples came out from mine and my brothers rooms, and left, without saying a word. They didn't thank me for anything, that I'd let them in, bought drinks for everyone or rented a movie for us. They said nothing.

Mike was tired, and left just moments later, so I was alone. Sitting, watching a comefy film I'd rented for me and my friends, with loads of half full glasses everywhere, bottles laying on the floor. I was traumatized, I couldn't move. But of course, I did later on.

My room was a total mess, just as my brother's was. Pillows on the floor, books everywhere, toiletpaper everywhere... It was horrible. It was so hard on me cleaning up everything, but I had to do it before he came home, I can only imagine how he would react otherwise.

So here I am, I have ignored all my friends except Mike these days. At least he said thanks, and came by later to help clean up the living room. I thanked him for it, and actually forgave him for the whole Emily-thing.

But in the end, they're all a bunch of fuckers who only cares about themselves.

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  1. avery's Avatar
    you should have thrown them the fuck out of your house; i don't care HOW long you've been friends with them. if i invited someone over and they started acting like that i would have told them to go get a room at the EZ-sleazy motel.

    hope you can forgive your friends and make up with them. just make it clear that they can never do anything like that again. seriously, i wouldn't be able to sleep in my bed for weeks after something like that.
  2. ShippoFox's Avatar
    Wow.... yeah, avery pretty much summed it up. Good luck with them. Hopefully they'll stop being so rude. Or at least Mike, he seems like he might be a better friend than the rest, at least to me. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.