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Holy Crap I updated my BLOG!!!!

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Yup, thats right folks! We have an update!!!

First off to start this MIGHTY BLOG action up,

1986 Jeep Cherokee, 2.8L V6, just had all the seals replaced, water pump replaced, timing chain and gears replaced, fan motor cleaned, battery terminals replaced (New ones are so shiny :3), battery has been swapped out for a Optima Yellow-top spiral-cell battery, Alternator has been cleaned (getting almost 90a of current on the clamp @ 4K, I'm gonna try to get a 280A HO alt in there when I redo the belt system)
Besides the "touch-ups", all 4 doors are being replaced with newer doors (the old ones are Rusty as fuck, the passanger side ones were the worst, the front passenger door had a rust-hole in it)
Which means im stripping the car down to bare metal and reinforcing all the steel rods with more STEEL

That covers performance, now for Audio Performance.

10 Cubic Feet box tuned to 27hz with 2 10" Diameter ports (BIG BIG PORTS)
2 Fi BL 18s fully loaded (with the Red dust cap)
1 SAZ-2000D amplifier (may sound like "eh, 2KW MAX", no, this thing does 2KW-RMS per CHANNEL, 4KW RMS total, 10KW head room, yeah, its a big fucking amp)
next up was the head unit, the stock HU was fucked up from the start, I am replacing it with a Pioneer Premier 5000 when I get more cash for system flow (only 150$ on Audiosavings, versus the 3100U at wally-world for 149.95! <the 5000 is a lot better than the 3100, its got cleaner output on it, 3 sets of RCA Pre-outs, and RCA Inputs, + IPOD cable, and USB input>)

And, to back this badass sound system up,

4 sets of RE Audio 5.25 Component speakers (only 50$ a set on Audiosavings, versus 200$+ at ANY Audio store)
2 10" Rockford Fosgate P3S woofers in the doors (Steve gave me the idea + 10s in doors just looks badass)

to run these speakers, im using 2 SAZ-125.4 amplifiers, 1 to run the components, and the other to run the 10s in the doors.
(10" door speakers wont be happening this year, it'll have to wait until I do the big update from RE 12s to Fi BL 18s)
the Big 3 has been done entirely in 00 Gauge wire (I need all the electron flow I can get!)
in the rear there are 2 Kinetik HC1400 batteries keeping my amps from clipping, see, when you pull a lot of Amperage from the battery, it pulls more out of the alt, and when that happens, your voltage starts dropping, in order to keep a SAZ2000 pumping out 4000 rms, it needs to have a constant supply of about 300a to keep it in the 15.3 range, with a stock power system (and battery), this very amp would be capable of dropping the voltage down to 8V, now if it were to get that low, the amp would have less "head-room" for power, meaning the amp would start clipping, when the amp has audible clipping, the woofers start burning up due to square-waves, and the amp starts getting very hot.
(you'd think it'd be the other way around, but it isnt, underpowering amps is a very very serious problem, Capacitors are just a bandaide for this problem, this would be like using a bandaide for a stab wound, 'cause it needs stitches to fix it, not a temporary fix, cause caps just pull more out of the alt, meaning it can make your alt halt up after constant use, meaning DONT USE CAPS!

anyways, so currently, the system is 2 RE audio 12 RE's (RE RE 12 x3) on a 500 Watt Rockford Fosgate amplifier (oldskool amp that was revived)

After I get all the system upgrades (not the amps and components, like... the electrical system) im going to repaint the car (paints kinda faded) either Black or Flake-Blue (if I make it Flaked blue im getting Ice Blue dust caps for the Fi's)

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