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Matrix Blade

My Crazy Summer

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Basically, this is just going to talk about that all I've done and will do this Summer (duh). I'll go ahead and skip the first week, since all I did was sit @ my computer.

So the second week, my family and I decided to head up to San Diego for a week. It was a plane ride over there. We just drove around the first day and stopped at a few random places. The next few days, we went to the Zoo, Legoland and Seaworld, all of which were fun. Then there was the plane ride home. It seemed long and boring, cuz all that's between Houston and SD is a lot of Sand, dirt, and Mountains (it gets boring after a while).

Then, there was this past week, which was the craziest week in my life. I went to a camp, because they needed help with running it. I wasn't planning on going, but when I heard that the girl I was talking to was going, my mind was made up. The whole time, she ignored and treated me like an ass (yes, Matrix just cussed). I eventually got tired of it and confronted her about it. She got mad at me, just because I tried asking her in front her 'friends' (who are nothing but a bunch of back-stabbing band nerds). Later we ignored each other and she came to me and said that I'm not who she thought I was (What, did she think I'd put up with that?).

Okay, that was a bit of a rant. That's not all the details, but it's all I feel like typing. However, the worst part is that I have to this 'Leadership' thingy on the other side of the state, with a bunch of strangers. Oh, and this girl (hopefully I won't see her any). FML

Oh well, maybe I can get on here some, you guys are awesome. Wow, this is a long post. I may add to it later .

-Matrix B.

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