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Just Another Vague Acryonm

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Yes, Java, That thing. That's a programming language right? Yes it is.

Heh, Java is actually Pretty cool. Having known Python in a very good depth, with general ways of programming techniques and how OO is used. I went and learnt Java starting on Monday! Things didn't really pick up until some time yesterday on Wednesday where I got the bitch to compile with no errors, got past the noob stage. Took me ages that a constructor for a class didn't need any Variable type for what it should return. Silly Symbol Errors X(. Oh, and Using NetBeans made life easier. Rather than sticking to simple old vim. I still have the habit of doing 'dd', ':w', '\RE-searchterm-here' etc.. in the middle of my code. XD

Anyway, using SWING, gui's were pretty damn easy to make and set up certain event handlers. I've not made anything like this in python. Mostly Console or pygame. But yeah, I just made a Client for my Chat server. That happened to be programmed in python. I thought it would be fitting. Java and Python living in peaceful harmony.

So in 24 hours. And a couple of hundred lines of code later. I've got something that works. It handles multiple Rooms/channels at a time! It helped that Threads were the same, but I managed to create my own mini wrapper for the sockets. Which Needed like several over buffer red/write wrappers. That was a copy and paste job from the Internets :P.

Shame to see no thread locking. Had to play about with private methods and another public synchronised method that made sure on or the other method was running at the same time. But I guess that's the Java way of things.

Just generally impressed with learning a new language how quickly I managed to get something out of it. By the looks of things, I might be using Java allot more in future. As it's much more apparent than Python, Sure I can get python running on my phone. But I can't in most other people's phones, browsers or general PC application.

And I feel I should be manly enough to code c++. *Puts on my manly face* Grrr....

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