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Tales of a Forgotten God

Five days of epic win

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Gentlemen: if you look around, you'll notice that, yes, this blog is indeed in a new category. And yes, this blog has something to do with said new category.

I'm not sure how well I'll be able to conduct my thoughts in this venture to write a journal entry -- five-and-a-half hours total of orchestral practicing has left me more drained than I've ever been in a single day of my entire [i]life[/i], and that's [i]not[/i] a hyperbole -- but I'll try.

I was recently informed -- as in, this morning -- by my orchestra teacher that our Symphony Strings (my group; mid-level) and Camerata (high-level; one of the top three high school orchestras in the United States, so I'm told) would be traveling by charter bus to San Francisco, California (I live in Oregon, by the way), from April 23rd to April 27th, for the National Youth Orchestra Heritage Festival...or some kind of festival like that. With the three total days we'll be there (arrive the 23rd, leave the 27th), we'll not only be playing music in the festival, but we'll be visiting a theme park, the name of which I can't remember, but it's supposedly well-known and [i]massive[/i]. Not to mention, of course, our accommodations will be made in a first-class hotel. But, other than the chance to see a city I've long since dreamed of witnessing, the biggest thing I'm looking forward to: the opportunity to wear diapers around town freely.

First journal mentioning diapers? Yep.

My parents will be traveling as part of a business meeting to another part of California at [i]exactly the same time as me[/i], but it won't really matter much other than how we'll arrive home at the same time and I'll be able to keep in regular contact with them if needed. I'm actually somewhat [i]excited[/i] to pad up with absolute freedom in a city I know little to [i]nothing[/i] about, and anyone among my fellow stringed instrument players finding out...well, I'm not at all concerned. I don't think it'll matter at that time. In a school environment, I would have to be a little worried about diapering up, not to mention getting to school without my parents noticing the crinkling as they took me. In short, this is a very opportune time for me to be a bit more risky.

However, as for the music we'll be playing, we've currently decided on two excerpts from Claudio Monteverdi's famous 17th century opera, Orfeo -- the Lento and Moresca. I'm even more excited because I'm playing a rather beautiful solo in the former piece, and I only wish YouTube had a video I could show you of the two songs. We're looking over the other pieces we've done in the past for our concerts, as we've unanimously agreed we need something easy to play in addition to Orfeo if our repertoire is suddenly required to be longer and/or more expansive in order to mark us eligible for the heritage festival. We simply don't have enough time to properly pull another original piece out of our asses, and we already have [i]seven ****ing musical compositions to play[/i]; I have absolutely [i]no clue[/i] how it got to be that many. While I'd like to do Astor Piazzolla's Libertango, I'm afraid I messed up quite horribly the last time we went through it, and to call it easy by any means is like calling a brick soft as a cloud. The point I'm trying to make to everyone in my orchestra: [i]no, we're not playing the damn Libertango[/i].

Anyway, I'm sure this'll be fun. Assuming I don't mess up my solo in Orfeo's Lento, thereby humiliating myself in front of hundreds, perhaps thousands of people, it'll be wonderful.


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    Pfft...again, it's the public humiliation aspect of it. XD - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.