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My god they are everywhere!!!!

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Today me and/or my dad have nearly been hit by 3 different cars and I personally witnessed 2 car's going across 2 or more lanes at one time.

The first case was walking into costco though the costco parking lot. Some person was trying to find a good spot in the section with all the handicap signs so I guess they felt the need to move fast or at least not stop. Well, as it is, people on foot have the right away in parking lots even if the spot you and your one pissed of son of a bitch.

so I push the cart and myself in front of this car and it comes within a foot of hitting me, thank god the guy had good brakes. I did not think he/she was going to stop, so my curiosity really got the better of me and I did not really care what happened afterward. I was pissed as it is even before going into a shopping warehouse FILLED with stupid idiot's it seems.

On the way back home a guy was merging into the lane me and my dad were in, but before he does this he has to get right up on my side of the car. I tell my dad "Don't even move a inch for this guy" and thankfully my dad did not budge. If this guy wanted to get into a accident with us, fucking let him since it would be his fault.

So I end up looking up at the guy since he's in his black F-150 or some other truck like it and it looks at my car like we are doing something wrong. The guy clearly saw that he had to merge but he wanted to speed up and try and pass a car that was impossible to pass in it's current position. I am sure the guy was pissed that such a little 2 door fireo did not scoot over and sideswipe another car. :P

Now me and my dad are about 3 blocks away from our house.. a kid that looked under the age to even be driving runs a stop sign and would of hit us if we were a few seconds a head of time with my side taking the blunt of the impact. The kid had his seat laid back and he could barely see over the dashboard and car door!

Anyways there's my blog post rant. For whoever read's this, please don't be this stupid. I beg you.

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