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Hello again

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I'm back for a week. I have internets now so I can access the forums

Ich reise nach Deutschland feur drei Wochen nachtes Woche!

Am I Germaning it right? Help me Peachy! I need to practice!

Anyway, highlow to you, Disc.


  1. Trevor's Avatar
    A week?!? You can't even read all the posts you've missed in a week. Oh, well. Welcome back, short-timer
  2. Charlie's Avatar
    Wait, wait, I know this.
    You're riding to Germany for 3 weeks next week!

    And welcome back, you crazy bitch.
  3. Lil Snap's Avatar
    Do you have your lederhosen? Do all Germans wear them and slap dance? Is a schnitzel really better than a wurst? These are the questions I have. Welcome back, I'm glad the Cartel didn't get you.
  4. Point's Avatar
    Tea - there were so many new posts it said "There are unread posts". I'm posting in some interesting topics, at least, sub-interesting.

    Peuachy - darn it! Well as long as my grammar was good enough I won't have much trouble asking for the newspaper, or something. Unless I happen to say "Hallo, was kann ich's fueueueueur dich's tun" or some horrible social mishap like that.

    Fharlie C - You better not have Google translated that Welcome back yourself! Uh-huh!

    Snap the Little - I have a little hose, is that what leder hoses are? And I can never remember what schnitzel is either. I think it's like, potatoes or something, but I know it isn't.

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