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Tales of a Forgotten God

The secrets behind the elusive Chapter 3

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I'm sure all of my readers are well aware that I'm taking much longer than originally planned in developing Chapter 3 of my story, as I've made it a point on several occasions to mention how hard it's been for me to find time to get to it. School and others things have made it increasingly difficult to find all of the time necessary in producing a well-developed, well-thought-out addition to the piece of babyfur fiction that I've seen fit to create.

Well, the truth is, like a lot of writers, I'm just lazy.

Don't get me wrong, though -- school has played a considerable part in it, but there have been a few other key factors weighing in on the delays that have plagued it.

I already have the first seven chapters written out. However, they're done rather poorly in comparison to my potential as the writer I am now. In revising, one thing I need to take into consideration above almost all else is length. The first chapter, before the revision, took up four-and-a-half (4.5) pages in MS Word 2003 (my tools of the trade) at size-12 font, Times New Roman, without proper indentation for paragraphs and just skipping lines as a replacement/remedy to the issue (formatting issues; I wouldn't have to do that if indenting crossed over to the forum posting form when I copied it).

After the revision, it turned out to be nine pages exactly.

Chapter 2 gained about 4.5 pages, as well, when it became revised, bolstering a rather impressive 13.5 pages. And, as we get closer to Chapter 7, the lengths keep getting longer and longer. My biggest concern now is how I should keep each chapter from being longer than my preferred limit of seventeen pages. After doing some careful planning, I've determined that I'll have to make some adjustments to chapter numbering. In essence, what that means is, I'll be shifting the content within some sections of my story over to the following chapter in the sequence.

I can't say for certain, but if my calculations are correct, seven chapters will turn into eight or nine when I'm done. It's very hard to describe how horribly this messes up my 894 KB (yes, [i]894 KB[/i]) of notes, because it [i]seriously[/i] throws a lot of things out of balance if I don't understand where I'm supposed to integrate something from my notes into the story itself; because I sometimes indicate to myself which chapter something goes into, the shift in numbering messes everything up. But, in my opinion, keeping things at a comfortable level is my top priority. Besides, this will actually allow me to make better decisions on how I structure each chapter in regards to how it starts or the overall feel the chapter needs to have to it.

The second thing that's causing a delay is the detail and care I'm attempting to put into the chapters. Rance could likely vouch for me when I say that every writer wants to give their readers the best quality they can possibly give. In order to do this, it's important that everyone keeps in mind -- and I can't stress this [i]enough[/i] -- how delicate of a process it is to write, much in the same way that it is to draw. Balancing the various elements of a story in such a way to maintain equilibrium and structural harmony -- both internal and external -- is a daunting task all its own when you're committed to it. Like any good piece of artwork, even the smallest of details missing can disrupt the entire feel of the piece. Much in the same way, every little speck of detail your literature needs cannot be done without, else risking unevenness.

The third and final thing is, I'm working on a fight scene for Chapter 3. :P I'll be attempting not to go into [i]immense[/i] detail with the fight, in contrast to the way I would describe a room or a person. (Again, the balance is key.) But creating a brawl out of literally [i]nowhere[/i] (the battle to be taking place wasn't in the original version of the chapter) is, what I'm finding to be, a challenge all its own. Wish me luck on that one, I suppose.

So, now you all know. Tomorrow, I'll be posting a very small snippet from Chapter 3 in my blog for you all to read, but it really won't give anything away. I promise. ([crosses his fingers behind his back])

- Aeonis-lesain


  1. Kin's Avatar
    XD you ramble a lot, you know that bro? And 17 pages isn't half bad for a story chapter.
  2. Cen Aeonis's Avatar
    I know it's not half bad. ^.^ I'm just making that my limit unless unforeseeable circumstances drive a chapter past that outer reach by an acceptable amount.
  3. Jakethefox's Avatar
    its not bad Aeonis, my storys got too short in the end, ^^; - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.