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Lamb of god!

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I just got back from the Sobe No Fear tour with Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying, Children of bodom, God Forbid, and Municipal Waste. It was INTENCE!
The floor was easily over 100 degrees with all the packed sweaty bodies, and burning cigarettes... Water was like gold! It was 3 dollars at the bar! What! Were people doing x? By the end of the first bands first song, I was dripping with sweat.... It wasn't mine.... (eeew!) It was six hours of insane metal! I was smart, and got really nice ear pluggs. My ears are fine, but my dumb friends can't hear what's happening next to them!

It was an amazing show!

Alexi (Children of Bodom) broke his sholder 2 weeks before the concert, so he played 2.5 songs and walked off stage in immence pain! I feel so bad for him! He let down so many people!

When Lamb of God started, my dad (drove us there) went to the backside of the ballroom, and worked his salesman talk on the security... He got to go backstage!!!! Lucky fuckin' bastard! He said he saw the frontman headbanging and screaming, and met As I Lay Dying's guitarist! He doesn't even know these bands! (he got a pick, so I know he isn't lying....)

I'm gelous... Now I can't feel my body, I moshed my brains to mush, my hair was a wreck, and I was soaked!

I took a shower!

Did you go to any of the No Fear concerts? How did you like it?

Are you going to one? If you are, get musician ear pluggs.... They're like 7 dollars, and you will be so happy you did!


  1. Unfused's Avatar
    Oh my God! Lamb of God AND AILD?!?!
    You my friend, are a lucky bastard =p
  2. diaperlover93's Avatar
    LoG is cool.
    But MUNICIPAL FUCKIN' WASTE is a force to be reckoned with.
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