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the other kind of Open Day

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Yesterday (Wednesday), our department at my Uni had a little bit of an event going on. Basically, this year they refurbished the 1st year lab (the one I use), with about 1-2 Mill Pounds with equpiment (It was bought when the to $, so we still got a good deal), Given that I'm doing electronic enginerring, we are going to need some Function Generators and Fancy Oscilloscopes as well as maybe a decent PC to run the software. So each bench Has like 40K worth of equipment on it, and there are like a good 20-30 benches.

Anyway, as it was sponsored (thus the equipment was subsidised), the company that was sponsoring wanted to see what we did with their money. So Obviously we had to impress them. We had out projects out, the 2nd years did as well as the 3rd years. Not too sure about the Masters, never had time to look around. As I was busy doing various things in the morning and afternoon.

But on the programme, at 4:30pm there was drinks to be had. Yes, free alcohol! Can't argue with that? And since they are there to impress the first line up of drinks we're quite nice, I forget what I had, but I had some nice sweet larger, then went on some lemony cider. To try. now after having two drinks (And mixing different types), all on an empty stomach. Given the busy day, I hadn't had time to eat, and thought we might grab one or two before they ran out. but it was until about 7pm when the supply of drinks ran out. And we've all a little bit dizzy, given that we hadn't prepared for this. And it was fun just to be talking and generally socialisation amongst your lecturers around a drink :P. I also noticed in the Master's Lab there was a TV hooked upto the Wii. Playing the Wii in a serious work room!? Never!

So eventually us students consumed all available drinks (There was more than I expected, but there was about 80 of us at the end been there for 2-3 hours), we thought we would go to the bar and keep up our moods. Didn't have anything important over than an Easy Peasy exam in the afternoon.

Sometimes during the year I ask myself, "Should I went to this uni, or else where?", but I think I'll stick to where I am. I'm sure the 2nd year will be much more engaging and interesting to me. I enjoyed it, I'm not going to say what silly things happened, because it's silly to know it was done with such little drink, it's embarrassing.

It was getting past 10pm, we had to go back, for most of us, we have early starts in the morning. So we all grab something to eat so we wouldn't be too dead in the morning with a headache and a stomach eating itself.

Anyway, got home, was on IRC and thought, I better goto bed. I like me sleep. Woke up with a moderate headache, and very dry lips. But I got myself sorted. And about 2pm was fine anyway. Ready for the upcoming 3pm exam, Perfect!

The exam was in C programming to get us ready to program micro-controllers. Not like those things can run python. Anyway, given that I've done programming before and this exam was aimed at mostly those that are new to the concept of programming, it gets worrying that I finish a 2 hour exam in 30 minuets. so I spent the an extra 30 mins, double checking everything, neating up the code for marking etc... Before I decided to leave. But I've passed , I know that, .

Fun times!

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