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The life and mind of Takashi Morinosuka

What would you do?

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Mother can you see me
Mother can you feel me
Mother aren't you proud oF me
Mother why don't you love me

Mother I hate you and yet I love you
You left me with mental scares
You awakend the darkness in my heart
Why did you leave me

Mother thanks to you I have sucidel throughs
Mother thanks to you I am the silent killer in The parking lot
I'm happy that you left me.

Am I what you wanted
Do I bring you honer or descust
If you could change me would you
What do I mean to you father

What must I do to please you
What must I do to win your love
If you were god were would you send me
To hell below or to heaven above

What would you do if I left the family name
Whatwould you do if I left the family
Would you find me try to convince me
To change my ways
Would you like it if I left you behind

What would you do father?

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