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In about 6 weeks time, I'm going to be getting a German Shepard puppy. :3

The lady who has them is trying to sell them but she can't get any buyers, so she was going to have them all put down, but my mom offered to help find some of them homes, and I'm glad to say we've done it! They were only born last week, so we still have to wait awhile though, but still!


  1. Asher's Avatar
    Awesome! What are you thinking for a name? : D
  2. Tsendo's Avatar
    Congrats on the puppy!! =D

    That's pretty horrible about the breeder though =/. It's great that your mom is trying to find those dogs homes. I don't think dogs should be bred to try and make cash and when they are bred the contingency plan if they don't sell shouldn't be euthanizing the puppies.
  3. Lowie's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Asher
    Awesome! What are you thinking for a name? : D
    We're going with something nature wise. That's all we've come up with so far.
  4. TheFoxxehAssassin's Avatar
    That's great to hear, Jon!

    What kind of German Shepherds are they?

    Hope everything else is going well!

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