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skin conditions

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Users frequently ask for help about treating a rash, but it's usually more complicated than that. There are three different common skin conditions that could all be generally described as a "rash" but that are different problems, requiring different treatments:


identification: skin may take on a pale appearance, possibly red appearance in creases, skin is damp to the touch, itches. immediate relief when scratching but may intensify itch after a delay, fingers may smell slightly like parmesan cheese after scratching. Occurs most often in skin folds where legs meet crotch, where leak guards seat themselves.

treatment: clean thoroughly and keep dry. use of some antifungal cream is strongly recommended.

prevention: use antifungal powder (such as Zeesorb AF) daily to keep area dry and suppress yeast


identification: skin gets a "flat" paper-like look with fine wrinkles. very dry, itches or burns, burns when touched even lightly or rubbed by clothing. applying acidic lotion results in immediate intense burning until lotion is washed off. Occurs most often on inside of thighs just below crotch, where diaper crotch shell rubs on thighs as you walk.

treatment: moisturize heavily and keep hydrated. only use lotions that do not contain acids (which most baby lotions do!) "Coloidal Oatmeal" cremes work best.

prevention: prevent skin from drying out too much. switch from talc to corn starch or discontinue use of any powders. consider lotion options, or use of lotion overnight


identification: continuous mild burning, skin has red bumps that may itch. may feel warm to the touch Occurs most often on butt cheeks.

treatment: clean gently with soap and dry. allow exposure to air to speed healing. apply lotion or diaper rash creme (sparingly!) if inflamed

prevention: limit exposure times to soiled diapers. change immediately or more frequently. consider use of barrier cremes.


identification: similar to facial acne, may be red bumps with or without white centers, or bumps on skin with hard cores under the skin. Occurs most often on outside of hips, under areas of diaper wing that are unpadded.

treatment: pimples must heal on their own. time is the only treatment.

prevention: increase air circulation and prevent sweating. talc is best, but corn starch may also work, apply liberally.

There are several things to keep in mind when considering cremes

- any cremes or oils can cause tapes not to stick well. Either wash hands after applying cremes but before applying tapes, or apply cremes after taping up. (get some lotion on one hand, and use your other hand to pull back your diaper from your body and reach in and apply the lotion) Avoid handling diapers before washing hands, as oils can transfer to the front tape panel and prevent tapes from sticking later.

- it's very common for cremes to dissolve adhesives used in diapers. This can cause the elastic bands in the leg gathers to fall away from the shell, the top sheet (inner liner) to separate from the shell, leak guard curtains to separate from the liner, and elastic bands in the leak guards to escape out of the leak guard and dig into your skin. (which may have already been softened by lotion/creme, if applied in the crotch) A few diapers are more resistant to this, and you may prefer to use a diaper that lacks a leak guard for overnight lotion treatment.

- most cremes and all lotions will soak into and through fabric. If you need to apply a generous amount of lotion, you CANNOT wear regular underwear for the day! Otherwise the lotion will soak into your underwear and transfer to your pants, which will create a visible stain that looks like a wet spot that will not dry up and disappear.

You may have noticed some of these problems are opposites - too much moisture or too little moisture for example. That's unfortunately true. If your skin is delicate, you may find yourself walking a fine line between being in the pot and being in the fire. I personally have to contend with both eczema and yeast, so I pay careful attention to the amount of powder I use, and respond quickly when I see my skin starting to get out of hand. Some are lucky, they have "iron skin" that nothing bothers. I wish that was me!


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