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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#516

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I should have vacuumed my bedroom today.
But, I spent time looking for a dust bag for the vacuum cleaner.
The one in there is pretty full.
But I got my dirty clothes washed and dried.
I also cleaned out Ernestina Guinea Pig Friend's cage.
Plus I took out all the recyclables and placed them in my trailer park's communal recyclables collection shed across the back lane from my trailer.
Yes, I also cleaned out the kitchen sink and started loading the dishwasher machine.
Also in the last 2 days I swept most of the kitchen floor.
The central part of my house trailer which I co-own with my younger brother is of course, and "open plan" which has the living room towards the front, then the Kitchen/Dining Area, then the little hallway to the Master Bedroom which has the clothes washer and dryer on one side, and the #1 Heating Oil Furnace on the other side.
On the other side of the Master Bedroom is the master Bathroom, which is my brother's bathroom.
At the front of our trailer is a little alcove type hallway which has the "Back Door" to the outside, and the doors to my handicapped-adapted bathroom and my bedroom at the front of our trailer.
My bedroom is my sanctuary and my "Adult Baby Space".
I have my TV watching chair, my handicapped-adapted bed, my desk, and my dresser/bookcase unit, and another bookcase.
2 of my 3 pairs of Loftstrand crutches are in my bedroom, along with my folding quad walker frame.
I keep my quad rollator frame in the living room next to the front door to the outside deck.
Everything has its place, since space here in this house trailer is at a premium, and only ~ 920 Square Feet of floor space.
Part of my bedroom is taken up by our trailer's water heater, which is behind an access panel in my closet.
Anyway, my children's toys are put-away until tomorrow after my afternoon nap.
Tomorrow will be a "LEGO Toy" play day.
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