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It's my birthday!

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So, I'll be going to tim horton's for the first time an making a trip to the mall for some pastel stuff ( like skirts, long pastel socks/stockings, bow, etc. ) for my possible abdl wardrobe. A "little" at a time, eh? Heheheh! I think this year is a little different. I've been making some real progress with my life and this time I know what I'm doing to be doing for my birthday. With a pep in my step and a possible smol tiara in the making for me to wear all day, I'm gonna do my best to shine and have a good time. In fact, I bought a princess tiara. I'll have a pink princess diaper to match, but I ran out of those. Made a sample order once and needless to say, they were far better than I had expected and I even fell in love with them. So, I'm going to be waddling in my abu clothed back diapers for the day. Looking back, I remember that my parents said they lived out in the country area in the middle of the forest and they could barely afford diapers at all. So, I always used a cloth instead. Which makes it kinda ironic now that I'm wearing diapers now. It feel so comfortable. So, I didn't get the chance to know what it's like to have diapers on hand all the time until now that I'm supporting myself. Not that my family will ever except that's what's been getting shipped here, but I've learned to be smart as well as discreet with it. It makes me happy. I ordered some pink princess diapers yesterday begause I've learn to expand my diaper knowledge and I love them so much. Surprisingly, they are also almost as quiet as the abu clothed back. Which is great, despite them being kinda plastic backed. I know despite this, I'll have to tell my future roommate about these things. We've been friends for about 13 years so, I think she'll be okay with it. However, that's another story for another journal. For now, I have to sleep. So, until morning. Night~.

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