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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#514

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I had "Adult Baby Time" this afternoon.
But before that, I had to be taken on errands by my younger brother.
On my computer I watched some "Toddler TV" before my afternoon nap
Outside here at home, a lot of construction noise.
Yes, some Autistic Sensory Overload.
In the late afternoon it clouded over and started raining.
They had to stop.
After my nap I washed the dirty dishes.
Today is a day of not reading news about the evil bad man in the White House in Washington, DC.


  1. Leio's Avatar
    I feel you... The White House is a (pardon me for my bad language) Shitstorm. I have to stop watching the news lest I lose hope in humanity.
  2. apollo13's Avatar
    Hi, you have and Angel; your brother and hope things get better for you!
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