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Nothing mature about the mature forum

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[QUOTE=Jamieboy;1547166]You know, it's incredible that this is supposed to be the mature place to discuss "mature" things that aren't related to the size of your last bowel movement, or how many diapers it takes to be satisfied with life.

What is true is that I am finding an incredible amount of political bias, and squelching of voices, in here, that sort of proves that there's less maturity here than the Forum title might suggest.

You know, I posted a message about the Q phenomenon, and got back mostly think veiled responses about those kooks in 4-chan, etc. And, of course, strangely enough, that thread finds itself closed preMATUREly. Who? Why?

I post a message about preMATUREly closed threads, and I get back a few responses about reasons to find threads closed, NONE of which apply, and then that thread is closed preMATUREly. Who? Why? The question WAS NOT answered, as one brilliant mind suggested.

Then I post a thread about why ANY thread gets closed preMATUREly, using my initial thread as an example, and I get messages back purporting to understand my initial intent of that thread, while most of the responders we're befuddled with the original message.

I find it incredible, in a place where we're all supposed to be SO UNDERSTANDING about each other's choices, wet/dry, cloth/disposable, poop/no-poop, plastic/paper, and on and on, that there's a complete lack of understanding of what's actually going on in your country, in reality, in a MATURE fashion, not dictated by TDS, and pure hatred for all that made this country the best on the Earth. Freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of the press (ask Alex Jones about that one....).

You, THE FIGURATIVE, watch your mainstream fake news media outlets, each puppeting & parroting their daily "news" (spoon fed corporate) narratives, like an echo chamber of idiots, spewing hatred & vomit, socialist, Marxist, and communist, as well, all learned in the liberal lunacy of our modern day colleges & universities, AND nobody makes the time or effort to check the alternative? That is what the original post was about. Not the damn sky-falling mentality of the liberal left lunacy, but, rather, the underground churning of progress, right underfoot. Not fake news agencies filling THE FIGURATIVE YOU with their fake stories, their phony unnamed sources, and their pure crap, meant to subvert a duly elected PRESIDENT from performing his duties, as THE CONSTITUTION mandates. It has bled it's way in here, too, remarkably. Censorship, lack of understanding, hatred, etc. All the hallmarks of a failed state. And, no, that's not to say all messages by all people here stem from the same pathos, but this MATURE forum is far from mature, and some of those with their finger on the button are far from mature, as well. That's exactly why I said I'M LOVIN' IT, in the original post. It's like watching a three-ring circus, if you've ever been to one. So much going on to entertain you, the figurative. So much to kick & stomp over! It is TDS. Those who are living it, should OWN IT. Those of us peeking behind the curtain of the deep state shadow government, the alphabet intelligence agencies, even the alphabet tech Giants, can see this for what it really is. DO NOT BE SHOCKED by what you learn in the near future. You've been lied to. You fell for it, hook, line & sinker. Things are going to be coming soon that will rock the very ground you stand on. Laugh it off! Those crazy conspiracy theories...

I'm loving it?

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...think veiled

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THINLY veiled! GD autocorrect![/QUOTE]

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