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Nervous: My Jerk Boss and My Other Problem

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My new job is at a warehouse. The work involves a lot of lifting and throwing and shoving. I've been trained in three methods by four people. Which brings me to my problem.

My boss's boss is a real ball-buster. He decided to RE-re-train me, using methods that gave me an asthma attack. He also refuses to use my name, insisting on calling me "girl" instead. In addition to misgendering me, he yells about the most ridiculous things — like keeping the linen off of the floor using a basket. No, you read that right, he's upset that it's NOT on the floor. Says it makes extra work. Also, he's a Trump supporter.

That is, until today, when he said it didn't and he yelled at me for NOT using a basket when HE was the is who put the linen on the floor.

It's so bad it's brought back a problem I'd forgotten about: my nervous bladder. When I get nervous about something that is an immediate threat, my bladder goes from zero to "HELP ME" instantly. I had this problem when I was a kid — it was probably responsible for about half my accidents — and I thought I was over it, but today proved otherwise.

As a result I'm thinking about getting some training pants—discreet enough to wear every day, but protection enough to stop small accidents like that one. I hadn't planned on bringing any aspects of this part of my life into my muggle life, but it looks like I might have to.

I don't want to embarrass myself at work after all.
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