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A fitful sleep: Paralysis and accident

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Last night I slept badly. I had a dream that started off as the bathroom dream—and ye gods, I had to pee badly. But when I found the bathroom, suddenly there was this horrible beast. It was half animal, half bug… and it was chasing me.

At this point in the dream I knew I couldn't have been awake, and suddenly I was aware of both the dream and my body.

And I couldn't move any part of my body.

The beast continued to chase me. I hid under a stall. My body continued to fail me. If I could just wake up!

The whole time I hid, I tried to get my body to move, with no success, and I watched the four furry spindly legs of the thing walk past the stall I hid in. It stomped once, and I felt myself release—a sudden, almost painful spurt, and I knew I'd also just wet my actual diaper. I fought to get hold of it so I could make a break for it when the beast got far enough away.

The bathroom have way to a trailer park full of craters, shaped like the beast's footprints. This was it, there had to be a way out here…

It was behind me. I heard it roar. I attempt to flail, back in my body. There's a painful pressure as in the dream I face that thing. My body just gives up then, and I start to myself then. It's then I feel my body moving in the waking world, as if moving will stop this. For some reason, the beast has stopped, though it growls once in a while. It is truly hideous, part bull and part bug.

I don't miss the beast when I wake up, even though I have to deal with the fact that I'm wetting myself as I wake up.

I felt a mixture of annoyance and shame on waking up. It was a big wetting—had I not felt extra little and worn two soakers, the bed would have caught the brunt of the wetting. I was just… stuck there, aware of what was going on, but unable to do anything about it. Thwarted by a bathroom dream. Though it did go a bit nonstandard. I almost went last night without a diaper — can you believe it? What a disaster that would have been. The last time I wet without a diaper, it ran off the bed and on the floor. We can't let that happen again, now can we?

It's time for me to get to bed. Let's hope for no more nightmares.

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