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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#511

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A very quiet Sunday.
Yesterday I had our house trailer to myself.
My little brother was on a trip to Portland, Maine with his lady friend to attend a Celtic Music concert.
As usual, Follower of Jesus "Adult Baby", Me, attended worship this morning.
In the afternoon I had a nice nap.
I slipped into "toddler mode", and I laid myself down to sleep with Howard Hug, my special teddy bear friend.
Yes, I am wearing DEPEND plastic-backed diapers.
I finished-off what cheap cloth-backed Rite Aid Pharmacy diapers I had.
I prefer plastic-backed diapers, since I have bowel incontinence, along with bladder incontinence.
Anyway, my little brother is back home.
Tomorrow he is taking me grocery shopping.
Being "Labor Day", the bank is closed, but I can procure some necessary cash from the outdoor Automated Teller Machine.
That will be in the morning.
In the afternoon I am expecting over another of my Aspie friends from Massachusetts.
Yes, we Autistics can have friendships with others on the Autism Spectrum.

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