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Ramblings about my mind

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Well... This is my first blog I've ever written here.

I guess all I have to say is that there's nothing really going on in my life except school and some other stuff that doesn't really matter a whole lot.

The main thing that's on my mind now is my sexuality and relationships... Not about having sex, but just about what I am. I don't consider myself to be exactly straight or gay. I don't feel like bisexual captures everything that I am. I'm also quite fluid in terms of how intensely desire comes. Sometimes I feel very little, and sometimes I feel a lot of desire. For these reasons, I choose to not label myself as anything.

I'm currently with a boyfriend... so I'm in a straight relationship. He's my first boyfriend I've ever had. He's the one I had my first kiss with. We met in middle school, and then we started dating in the winter of ninth grade. Tell me all the statistics you want about high school relationships, but so far we've been doing well even though our relationship is mostly long distance.

Maybe it's just because of my autism, but I don't really imagine myself with someone else. He and I have been through thick and thin. He's supported me through my mental health issues and I've supported him when his dad was dying of pancreatic cancer. We've helped each other through some really rough patches.

I guess that I've found the one... so to speak... now... the challenge is how to tell him about this other side of me.

Leio's signing off now...


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