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Possibly Insane

Happy pills.

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I've been battling depression for the past year. It's been bad. Like, suicide-attempting bad. So, I finally filled out the forms to go to a professional nut-cracker, who will hopefully give me lots of delicious pills to balance me out. I suggest that anyone with severe depression should cast away their pride, and go to a professional. We don't need more 'suicide chumps' as Frank Zappa put it.


  1. Lil Snap's Avatar
    On my second anti- depressant in less than a year. Taking lexapro for about a month now, and I'm not real sure it's effective for me, although I have been more active here in the last 2 wks than I was for the month before, so maybe it's just a gradual improvement.
  2. BabyWolf's Avatar
    I had to take Effexor for 2 1/2 years. I battled depression for over 3 years on my own until it got to the point where it was either get help or kill myself. I literally could not function. I was just a complete wreck. They had me on a very high dose of it, 300mg. The max recommended is 225.
  3. Little2Roo's Avatar
    I am on Prozac. Originally, believe it or not, I wanted it for the side effect of wiping out my sex drive. Now I realize that I was just STRESSED out, and the Prozac has really helped me be more calm and be myself again. For all the people depressed out there, don't consider it "swallowing your pride". Consider depression like the Flu - taking Tylenol is NOT a sign of weakness, it just makes it more tolerable.

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