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The Ban Yawgmoth Club!

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Hello everyone! I'm sure you've seen the growing number of people with the [Proud member of the "Ban Yawgmoth Club". Join today!] in their sigs. And I'm sure you're green with envy that they're in the club and you're not. Well, let me tell you all now that you too can become a member of this select group of elite people! First, you should read some stuff about our organization...

Our Purpose
To get Yawgmoth (aka: SOB) banned from the ASISC Community.

Our Leader
Yawgmoth, the most hated person on the internet.

Yawgmoth has committed high crimes against people on the internets. Using WMDs such as wit, intelligence, and sarcasm, Yawgmoth has established a reign of terror across the ADISC Community. Said crimes occurred, despite having no evidence of them ever occurring.

I like pie. You like pie.

Why am I reading this?
Because you don't have a girlfriend and this is how you spend your time. It's a horribly sad existence...

How can I join?
Send a PM to Yawgmoth and tell him why you want to join. Make sure you choose your words wisely though, you only have one chance.


  1. Point's Avatar
    Co... coo...

  2. Rissy's Avatar
    Hehe... You're such a drama queen...
    I really don't seem to notice much hate to you... You probably stepped on too many toes and people are irritated with you...
    You bitch about people hating you when you have decent rep... I used to have 10th highest rep and now look at my pitiful score... People still like you're humour... They just don't like the drama queen reactions and when you step on them...
  3. Yawgmoth's Avatar
    The Ban Yawgmoth Club is actually a big joke that spans back to my stay on Vickie's Story forums. I honestly don't think I'm hated, believe me I wouldn't stick around here if I did.

    Thanks for your kind comments though. I appreciate it.
  4. PuddleFopsKit's Avatar

    *looks around for his ban hammer*

    Damn, I don't have that power! But if I did, you would be gone! Gone like a fart in the wind!


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