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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#475

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At my age of 60 it really feels okay, natural, and normal for me to totally uncontrollably pee and poop 24/7 in diapers and not into a toilet.
Yet, I do have some times, when I do have a "barely made it" to poop in the toilet.
My bladder and bowels are primarily completely out of my conscious cognitive control.
I should feel ashamed of my uncontrollable peeing and pooping, but at 60 years old, I no longer do.
being utterly totally incontinent is part of my life and my self image as a physically and developmentally disabled Senior Citizen.
I also accept that I am also an Adult Baby, and for me it has never been sexual.
I never asked to be an Adult Baby.
I simply am.
I am a "Little Boy".
I am either 3 years old or I am 8 years old when I am regressed and being "Little".
Whenever I am "Little", I feel safe and loved, and I emotionally feel mentally whole inside.

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