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Oh Me Oh My! OmiOMy's Rambles


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I'm hungry. I can't eat.

Lemme explain.

I'm prepping for an upper endoscopy, so I have to have an empty stomach. Nothing that requires digestion allowed. Only clear fluids, so no cream in my coffee either (boo, hiss), and nothing red (they're very specific about that part). The fast portion started early Thursday and one all I've had is an orange soda.… for some reason orange is fine but red is out.

The extended cycle I had to deal with left me with what can only be described as a kind of diaper rash. I count myself lucky that I have enough Desitin to fight it. It itches and burns when I move. It's terrible. Luckily, I caught myself before I scratched a huge gash in skin this time.

It's late, and I'm up thinking about grilled cheese sandwiches, which I used to call "cheese toast" as a kid. When did I switch? I'm not sure. Either way I can't have one right now because of the test…and I have fresh bread for it.

… boy do I ever ramble when I'm tired and hungry.
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