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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#471

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My day was quiet.
Emptied out dishwasher and I put the clean dishes away.
I also vacuumed the Living Room.
Also, my guinea pig pet friend, Ernestina is doing okay.
In the afternoon after my younger brother returned home from work, he took me out to the bank, then the Walmart for groceries, and then to the Rite Aid Pharmacy near home to purchase more DEPEND Adult Diapers.
After returning home I took a nap.
I should note, that I did purchase a new baby rattle for myself.
Slowly, I will rebuild a "small" easilly storable collection of small baby toys to play with when I need to regress to early babyhood.
I will note, that as an Autistic, I am still "logging" in an Elementary School Composition Notebook, the reported Temperature, Barometric Pressure, and Dew Point for Derry, NH as reported by the AccuWeather Internet Website at different times of the day every day while I am awake.
It is a hyper-focused special interest of mine.

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