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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#470

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My Sunday has been quiet.
I was driven to and from church this morning by my new church friends.
This afternoon my Pastor had to travel to Wilmot, NH to the Congregational Meetinghouse therefor a prayer vigil and service.
2 Sundays ago, the Wilmot, NH Congregational Church was vandalized with Nazi hate messages against LGBT persons, and the Jewish People.
Like my new church here in Derry, NH, the Wilmot, NH Congregational Church is "Open & Affirming", and 100% accepts LGBT persons.
In the afternoon I had a nice nap to have "Baby Time".
After my nap I took a walk to purchase some soda pop at the convenience store a few hundred feet north of where I live here in Derry, NH.
I then had Supper.
Just Sandwiches.
I have been watching TV online for the rest of the evening.
Right now I am physically comfortable wearing nothing but my diaper.
At least there is no humidity today or this evening.
The Dew Point is back in the 50's Fahrenheit, which is relatively comfortable.

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