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Oh Me Oh My! OmiOMy's Rambles


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I looked wistfully at my stash, now hidden under the bed so a frequently nosy houseguest couldn't be curious. It had been the closest I'd been to getting caught.

It's been a month since I last padded up and I miss it. It's hard to sleep, partly because being low level dehydrated keeps me up — but once a base level dehydration is set, I stay dry.

I've had the red curse — that is, a period — for a solid month, and I refuse to get blood on my nice cloth diapers. Anemia has been setting in, leaving me tired and weak. And when I get tired I get CRANKY. Asocial. I just want it done so I can little out. It's hard to little out when you're BLEEDING out.

More than once I've taken a whiff of freshener to get that baby little smell. I just wanted to curl up in it, but can't, because bloody reasons. It's good to know that if I have to I can resist the urge… but I miss it.

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