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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#467

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A long and very hot day.
I did some more volunteer video production work at Derry, NH CTV.
I walked to/from the Derry Municipal Building from home, a 4 mile round trip, using my quad rollator walker frame.
90 minutes to hobble there on my spastic CP affected legs, intermittently making small wettings in my diaper this morning.
90 minutes to hobble back home on my spastic CP affected legs, wetting myself in small amounts.
Yes, I was drinking a lot, and sweating a lot in the sun, hobbling from one shady patch to another along the road.
My next walk to the Derry, NH CTV Station/Studio is "next Monday".
Sigh, I admit that I "baked in the Sun today".
Anyway, for the past couple of hours this evening I have been clad in nothing but my diaper and quietly watching TV online.
Too Hot.
I have my ceiling fan cranked up to "High" to blow on me all during sleep a little later.

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