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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#466

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With it being so hot today and this evening, I am right now wearing nothing but my diaper.
Yes, I am comfortable for the time being.
Of course this morning I was taxied to and from worship at my new Open & Affirming Congregational Meetinghouse here in Derry, NH.
I wore a pair of shorts, my AUTREAT 2013 t-shirt, and one of my military style hats I purchased from Walmart last year.
This afternoon I had my nap.
I was in very deep Adult Baby Regression Mode.
I regressed to being like a 3 month-old infant.
I laid in my temporary sleeping place on the carpeted floor here in my bedroom, flat on my back.
My mind went "blank" and all adult thoughts and feelings temporarilly disappeared.
At most, my mind just was thinking utterly non-verbal thoughts, concentrated on simple feelings and sensory sensations.
The tactile sensation of my adult disposable diaper against my skin.
The tactile sensation of the outer plastic diaper covering as I reached down to gently touch it to sooth myself to sleep.
The sensation of the breeze directed down to the floor from my bedroom ceiling fan.
As I looked to my left and right as I drifted off to sleep, my special plushies, Howard Hug Bear and Woogie-Woogie Monster were there, vigilant and ready to protect me and chase away the real monsters and the bad dreams I still have as a physically and developmentally disabled Senior Citizen and "survivor" of severe childhood abuse and neglect which have scarred me to my very core.
With Howard Hug Bear and Woogie-Woogie Monster, I felt safe.
I felt loved and wanted in this world.

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