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Oh Me Oh My! OmiOMy's Rambles

Ramble Ramble: The Absence.

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I spent an alarming amount of this month away from home, and without a computer.

I also spent it undiapered: Shark Week turned into Three Weeks. I am most likely anemic from the loss of blood. I would kill for a burger. I am also this close to ordering a case of disposables just to wear right now — it's weird, but I don't want blood on my cloths. I want them to stay as pristine as possible. So I wear pads, carefully schedule bathroom trips, and moderate my fluid intake so I don't have an accident.

My health is in an interesting spot. My liver is on the fritz fritz, and my fasting blood sugar is in the diabetic range. I have to start monitoring my blood sugar with a meter. This came as a surprise — it came with no symptoms, no warnings, nothing. One of my meds had this as a side effect. It was a trade off: antipsychotics either fuck up your cholesterol or your blood sugar.

I've spent the few days I got to myself doing spiritual work. That means I've been doing a lot of meditation and tarot work. I've found a few things that I need to work on, and a few things I really should be proud of. My dreams run the gamut of wildly profound and normal-surreal—last night I dreamed of buying a newspaper from a newspaper box that immediately turned into a potty that I climbed on and used (and for once, it was a potty dream that didn't end in a wet bed.)
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