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Day 10

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I told my wife what happened a few nights ago. I wound up going to bed without the pacifier and then wound up with it mouth in the morning. She didn't say anything about it

Today my new pacifier from adult came in. I opened it up and cleaned it off to see how well it will fit. It sits farther back in my pallete than the one from baby pants. It actually clears all of my teeth. So I shouldn't have a problem with my teeth hurting. C Ant wait to try it out.

My wife didn't want to see it, but she asked what else came in the package. I had to tell her it was a free diaper. She asked if I was going to use it and I said no(although the thought did cross my mind). Then I said that i eventually may end up in them wehen I'm older and I got a smile.out of her for that comment. Not sure I want to 'test' it out.

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