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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#458

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Still not moved yet.
Other party still does not have his finances straightened-out.
Maybe Friday?
My brother's Realtor is going to fucking sue the other party after we brothers finally move to Derry into our new 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom House Trailer which was manufactured in 2016.
As I have said, we brothers were supposed to have moved into our new place last week on Wednesday the 6th of June.
Here it is Wednesday, the 13th of June.
Now the "Fucking Clown" will not get his fucking act together until June 15th, which is on Friday, 2 days from now.
He fucking signed the paperwork.
Now, where is the money he promised "up front" for the house, which my younger brother still owns, but is now empty.
Technically, I am "homeless" right now.
My brother went back to the house to check on it.
Besides feeling frustrated, I am feeling mega-bullshit about this.
So is my younger brother.
The other party "drove us out of the house, to wreck my life as an Autistic Mental Retard with Cerebral Palsy.
No conscience, no morality, just "FUCK YOU MENTAL RETARD CRIPPLE!!!!!".

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