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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#455

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Another day of waiting to move to our new House Trailer in Derry, NH, 2 towns north of Salem, NH where my biological younger brother and I have lived for 52 years after living in Derry in our early years.
This morning one of my church friends at the Congregational Church in Pelham, NH took me to Worship this morning.
Yes, as an Adult Baby, I am a Follower of Jesus.
This morning was "Children's Sunday", the end of the Sunday School Year.
As I mentioned a long time ago, I am an extreme hyper-protector of real children, due my being an adult survivor of extreme physical, emotional, and intermittent sexual abuse.
After worship, I stayed for the Outdoor Church Picnic on the front lawn of the church.
After I was returned to this motel here across town from our house here in Salem, N H, I had a nice nap.
With my special teddy bear, "Howard Hug" packed to move, I have been using one of the bed pillows as a "pretend" teddy bear to comfort me during sleep.
Not ideal for an Adult Baby like myself, but the best I can do, until after I am moved into the new place up in Derry with my brother who looks after me, since I am mildly Autistic along with being physically disabled.
My brother did today made sure I have enough adult diapers to not have wet pants or a wet bed, by bringing over the unopened package of DEPEND (Adult KLEENEX HUGGIES) diapers for me to wear.
My next SSDI direct deposit to start my next fiscal month is not until Wednesday.
I will note, that except for church this morning, I have been mute and quiet all day long today, which is normal for me as an older adult with Autism/Asperger's Syndrome.
Well, my brother just called me to say that the official closing on our house is Tuesday, which is Tuesday morning, when we are going to be moved to our new place.

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