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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#453

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A quiet day.
Still waiting to move into my new place with my little brother.
Closing day will be either Monday or Tuesday next week.
After that we will be moved into our new place in Derry, NH by the next day.
Nothing to do but wait until things happen.
I want to re-build my "Adult Toddler" Space in the new bedroom I will have in our new place in Derry.
My brother gets the Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom in the rear of the trailer, and I get the front bedroom and front bathroom at the other end of the trailer.
Yes, the front bathroom is handicapped accessible.
All I have to do once moved, is to install the safety rails onto the toilet for me to use to prevent falls while toileting and cleaning myself up during diaper changes.
My new shower is "walk-in", and has a built-in "shower seat" to sit on to clean myself up.
Anyway, for hours today I watched "PAW PATROL", which made me happy as a 60 year-old autistic senior citizen.

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