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Autism, Cerebral Palsy and being an "Adult Baby"...#451

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Now less than 48 hours until my brother and I move to our new place in Derry, NH.
A lot of last minute cleaning and packing of belongings.
This morning I woke up mega-wet, and I had to wash my blankies again.
Moving truck is coming tomorrow.
It will deliver our stuff at our new place in Derry on Wednesday, our official moving day.
I will note that the last couple of days on my laptop computer I have been watching child-apropriate movies.
Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius
Anyway, I have no CATV or Internet access here at home the past 3 weeks.
My only news source had been WBUR-FM, 90.9 MHz, Boston University Radio, National Public Radio.
My little brother and I miss having television.
Next week when I get my next SSDI Direct Deposit, I will spend $8.00 at the Walmart on NH Route 28 in Derry, NH, our new town to purchase a couple more children's DVD's to start rebuilding my collection.
I will also spend $1.00 to get myself a new baby bottle to drink water from at bedtimes and naptimes.
It will take a while to rebuild my not potty trained "Adult Toddler" Little Space.
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