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A Monopoly on my Time

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Dragged into the gig again, I spent another chunk of time doing caretaker for no pay. I got home today only because I have to be here to take delivery of a food box. And luckily for me, she couldn't drag on with me (not for lack of trying though). I have three diapers and four inserts drying on a rack in the bathroom. That would have been hard to explain.

I'm most glad to be home again. I am not an extrovert, and she demands my time at the least convenient times—

Like lights out.

I turn on the white noise and turn off the lights at two in the morning, sometimes later if I plan on meditation or tarot that night. She'll march in and talk the entire time until four in the morning, keeping me awake far longer than planned and guaranteeing a late start in the day.

I am an introvert. I NEED at least some unbothered time. Or at least, to be hanging out with other introverts. It's people in my space that get me frazzled. The introvert hangover is a real thing people.
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