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Hotels are out of the question unfortunatly

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So chatting with my support workers about going to a hotel alone to express myself. Yes, I know what you are going to say. Talking to support workers about ABDL stuff is not good. But it is just me that knows about the ABDL fandom. Mum is not interested and mums partner is not too but he has more tolerance for it. And have you seen how some of the furries react to this? So I really only have my support workers to talk about this. The psychiatrists and therapists are more up themselves on mindfulness then actually giving a hoot about any of there clients.

But we digress. The support workers told me it was not a good idea. Not because it is against the law. Not because it is wrong. You will not belive this!
It is because if you accidentally get the floor stained you have to pay a 700 pound fine or even more. The hotels are not happy with a simple.
"I am sorry" and a clean up on the carpet. They will fine you and could prosecute you for a silly little stain. That is what they told me. hotel staff accidents happen all the time!
So if I wear to meet anyone to take care of me in a hotel you have to agree at first hand if any accidents happen for both of us to split the cost. Do not look at me. If you're been the dad or mum you're responsible for me too. If we are both babies we both still pay the price. Just a future reference if you take care of me. Just remember a lot of accident mats if we are in the hall or spend a large amount in the bathroom.

So they are only 2 places left I can go now. They are camping or camping on my own. Just as long as nobody is shearing my tent and I can always start meeting ABDL friends that are alright for me to wear diapers around there house/flat/apartment.
It is ashamed that hotel staff wants to make a quick buck or in this case a quick quide. That is it for me.

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