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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Being an "Adult Baby"...#449

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A busy Saturday on Memorial Day Weekend.
1.5 weeks until moving day.
I emptied junk out of 2 bedroom closets.
Yes, it will be hauled to the Refuse Transfer Station here in Salem, NH on Tuesday.
Also Tuesday next week, a truckload of stuff we brothers no longer need will be donated to my church for this September's Old Home Day Community Celebration Flea Market.
After June 6th moving day, I will re-instate my toddler nursery Adult Baby Space in my new bedroom in our new place.
My brother is going to purchase new mattresses and box springs for our beds which are now dismantled for the move.
I have a Paw Patrol Comforter blankie.
I will purchase a set of boy's Paw Patrol bedsheets and a Paw Patrol fleece blankie for my new bedroom.
After all, internally I am a little boy.
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