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Rambled Off

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I was off for a few days, called on to do caretaking again, and return to discover that a friend has left the site, reasons unknown. I suppose I should not be surprised, things have been heated and he has other things to worry about.

Things here are also dicey. Tethered here by a friend who threatens self-harm every time I try to get on my way home, I sit in a chair keeping an eye on her slumber. The television shows a live feed of the destructive beauty of the Hawaiian volcano. Fitting, with the meltdowns I've had to deal with.

Today, she asked me if I loved her. I told her as a friend. My tarot totally called it. I don't know what she expected—I think my chronic resting poker face makes her nervous. The Effexor has made said face even more… er, poker. It's flattened my moods quite a bit, but I think it's useful right now—I can be the calm one in a crisis now.

Tomorrow I need, need, need to get home. There are things that need to be done. And I miss my bed. I miss the long, aimless conversations with my dear friend.

I miss smelling clean.

One more night. Just this night.
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