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My New Favorite Diaper

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I wasn't planning on posting this, but just had to let you all know: I have found what I believe to be the thickest, and most absorbent diaper at the lowest price. It may not work for everyone, but it definitely works for me, and I hope that someone can benefit from this. I recently ordered a pack of NorthShore Supreme diapers and I must say: These are the best diapers I have ever used!

This morning after breakfast, I put one on, and spent the morning snuggling with plushies, and playing video games. This diaper was really comfortable, and held wetting after wetting without problem. I wet it so many times that I lost count, and it felt like it could even hold more! I had to stop because I messed later on, and had to clean up, but the diaper even held that too!

The only downside is that the diaper is plain white. For real though, that's the only downside! The wettness indicator is very deceiving - turning from yellow to blue only after the first 5 wettings or so, so don't let it fool you. I continued to wet far beyond that point and like I said, the diaper felt like it could hold a lot more. NorthShore's site sells the diapers in a pack of 15 for $22.00 (that's only $1.50 per diaper - cheaper than Crinklz, Abena M4, and ABU Preschool). The posted absorbency is 32oz (946.4ml).

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