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Infinite Patience

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The one I had the job for had a crisis, and so the other day, I was Übered over to her place and basically the guard on suicide watch. It was basically two nights of asking "Should I call the ambulance now?" every time she said "I know where the knives are" to the empty air where her soon to be ex used to sit.

I did not sleep well. The house reeks of ingrained litter box and rat cage stink. And I later had to haul a presoak load of laundry that had turned the water black — black! — and resulted in a mild chemical burn. The linens, you see, were full of ammonia resulting from ammonia from the cats using the piles of clothing as litter (because until I am hired to clean, the boxes are not scooped for weeks at a time). The smell nearly knocked me out.

I was held there for three additional days and ordered to clean.

I am not getting paid for any of this.

When I am stressed, I lose facial expressions. (I'm told this is an autistic thing, as is my perfumer's nose.) I spent the entire time expressionless. I just wanted to get home.

She invited herself over and since she guilt trips people who say no, I had to deal with it. Luckily aside from almost breaking the last bottle of elderberry syrup, we had a good time. But I wanted solitude. That would be a fleeting dream until today.


I got the smell off my body. I rolled in my bed pillows. I placed a hand on my altar. Little tiny things that mean so much.

Home things.
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