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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#447

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Yes, today while out running errands, I did have a massive wet messy poop accident in my diaper.
My brother took me home.
I had the massive bowel accident in the Walmart as I was going through the checkout line.
I am "Professor P. Pippy Poopy pants".
Pardon my referring to one of the enemies of the little kids superhero, "Captain Underpants".
Anyway, what a mess to clean up.
Anyway, I continued with emptying out kitchen cabinets and deciding what my younger brother and I are keeping and what to throw away before we move to our new place in Derry in the 6th next month.
Still, a lot to do.
Yes, I did have a needed nap.
My cerebral palsy spastic legs are crap, and I needed to rest, because I was physically hurting this afternoon.
With all the extra exertion to help my younger brother with this downsizing and moving, I can hardly stand and walk.
I can not stand without using my Loftstrand Crutches or a Quad Walker and hobble across the floors here at home and when out on errands out in the community.
Yes, I am getting physically weaker now.
I am also having more difficulty getting onto and off the toilet for necessary diaper changes during the day.

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