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Autism, Cerebral Palsy and being an "Adult Baby"...#446

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A quiet Sunday evening.
Yes, I was brought to church this morning by one of my church friends who has an adult son with Asperger's Syndrome.
In the afternoon I had a very long needed naptime, safe in my bed, nd comforted by Howard Hug Bear.
Yes, downsizing and packing belongings is continuing.
My brother emptied the 2 bookcases he is keeping and moved them to the dining area of the kitchen to be ready for moving day in a couple more weeks.
With all the extreme physical exertion, my spastic weak cerebral palsy affected legs have been hurting a lot more, and I can barely stand and walk at all.
Simply so much to do to get rid of unnecessary stuff accumulated over a half a century, and a lot of it was our late parents.
We brothers are trying to eat up the pantry cabinet stuff, so we have not much kitchen stuff to take with us.
Internally, I am in little boy mode, but externally, I am functioning in adult mode.
Anyway, I just watched an episode of XENA: Warrior Princess on DVD.
Only I have a DVD collection now, that I can watch on my laptop computer.
Yes, I have kept some little TV shows, like kids movies, and Bear in the Big Blue House.
After we brothers move back to Derry, NH, will I then have more time to be a little diaper clad boy still in diapers and not potty trained, even though as a 60 year-old, I am totally medically bladder and bowel incontinent for real.
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