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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#445

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Just writing this weblog entry via my cell phone.
My brother and I have heaved out a massive amount of junk we no longer need and have no room for in our new place in Derry, NH where we are moving back to after living here in Salem, NH for 52 years.
The rest of the junk, which is now all in the garage, and outside next to the driveway will get hauled-away by the one man moving company recommended by my brother's realtor he bought the house trailer from, and who sold our house for a good price, which covers the cost of the new place, and leaving my brother a good sum of money left-over to live on.
Yes, the trailer park rent,vwhich I will pay out of my SSDI is reasonable, and includes the property tax payment installment, along with trash removal and snowplowing in the winter is quite reasonable and within my monthly budget.
My brother has just applied for SSDI, due to his severe diabetes and other health problems.
His working days are coming to an end.
The plan is to age in place.
Yes, I have my plushies, and some pacifiers, and a couple of baby rattles still.
Downsized of course, since our new place is only 800 square feet in floor space.
Well, time to get ready for bed, diapered, and safe with my bears Howard Hug and Grr-Grr to protect me from bad dreams.

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