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Oh Me Oh My! OmiOMy's Rambles

A Ramble: Health, Spirituality, Gender…

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I put myself in my usual 7-o'clock mode immediately after the time turned over, ignoring the pile of laundry that requires folding. Right now, its purpose is to add to the delicious smell in the apartment. I'm enjoying the fresh scent in the apartment to a ridiculous degree. Last week the ambient smell was litter box (not clean) and rat cage (not clean).

The least expected problem was a burny rash, unknown in origin but cured with a single night of sleeping with Desitin on it. I don't know if it was just the week of coarse toilet paper versus baby wipes, or something else. My digestive tract decided to go wonky too, and my gastroenterologist called, so I guess I'm due. I'll be making a few phone calls.

I've been off my routine thanks to the job last week. I didn't get a chance to do anything as my privacy didn't exist. I didn't mind kittens bugging me (as long as they didn't sit on my cards, that was just inconvenient), but when someone who is just looking at me as a way to find beliefs to use — a spiritual template, to copy off of as needed. She frames it as something that I should be flattered by, but she's trying to ape the things that I learned through personal experience, through personal gnosis, through the things that I learned from things that I got from adapting methods from family tradition.

It just feels… weird and wrong that she would try and take the shortcut of copying the things that I do like that. Weird and wrong. I plain and simple don't like it.

I'm genderqueer. (The specific flavor is too complicated to explain right now.) Gender is not what's between your legs. It's what's between your ears. But so many people reduce it to physical sex and leave it at that. They also fear those that are different from them, and don't understand. I've seen ugly arguments over it, even here. I'd like the world to be a little more understanding, tolerant, willing to learn.

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