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Slightly annoyed

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Work is so stupid.

"Kryan make this amount of something." (My boss)

60 of something or another. I make this amount.

The next day

"Kryan you made too little of that one thing"

I make exactly what I was asked and when it's too little I'm told every Fu^* time I should have made more. How am I expected to work like this.

(My boss) "I'm always right" When they are wrong. "You fucked up again. Why can't you get me enough of this? Or do this?"

I would love to honestly spit in my boss' face and leave them without someone to help them.

As far as I know I do about 40% of the work to keep the business working as a whole. The other 60% is slip between my boss and another two managers.

On top of that. I have watch every move my staff makes. When you hire someone for a job you train them to do the job and leave them to do it. Since they fail, you ask them how they missed up and ask them to improve. If that fails. You fire them and replace them till you find someone better.

I'm so annoyed I would just like to quit, but I still need the money. All the same my boss could jump off a cliff.


  1. ShippoFox's Avatar
    yikes... that sounds like a nightmare
  2. MagicMeow's Avatar
    nothing you have not heard before here, just saying when a job gets too be enough, it's enough..I know you have had trouble finding another job or relocating in the past, also know you had been working on saving up money, i dont know what happened to those plans....

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