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A Year Later...

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Hello again everyone...I finally logged back in to my account after being away for a year during that year a lot has happen let me fill everyone in.Lets start from the beginning of January it didn't start so well me and my boyfriend had a HUG fight.We both said really messed up thing to each other and my boyfriend tried to kill himself he says he was just joking but moving on.We ended up resolving the problem and everything went back to normal like it never happened. February,Our landlord sold the property we lived on we were renting a house.So because of that we had people come through my house (keep in mind I live with my parents)almost everyday.Fast forward eventually someone bought the property and decided to let us live there still.Secretly the new land lord had a different plan for us.March, my mother gets a called from the landlords wife letting us know they were gonna have to raise the rent because there wasn't a house in the area with rent so cheap(The rent was $800)for a 3 bedroom 1 bath house they wanted to raise the rent $500 more..My parents couldn't pay that so they tried to reason with her but she didn't budge eventually we would have to leave.We had until April to leave.Because of the circumstances everyone was very stressed out and always in a bad mood including me.From the time we had till April we didn't find a place in our price range to move to(why?The rent in my area is REALLY EXPENSIVE for what we were looking for).We packed and had boxes ready to go when the day came.I grew up in that house it held good memories for me and everyone that lived there I knew nothing but that house,the place I loved the most my room wasn't gonna be mine in couple days.The place I escaped to from the world when I just wanted to be alone with my boyfriend.April 3rd came and the day we had to leave was finally here.We packed every box into the U-Haul and left our house of so many years to who knows where.We never found a place so my boyfriend went to his dads, My parents,me and my sisters had to go to my grandmas to live till we found place to go.It was a nightmare it was 7 people in a one bedroom apartment with 3 dogs inside and my cats on the outside balcony.All my pets were separated as well my dog and snake went to my aunts house,My fish with my boyfriend dad.May-August, I was so fed up with being there..I couldn't sleep I had to sleep on the couch sometimes the floor it was the worst.My grandmas dogs barked every little noise they could hear.I had no privacy besides in the restroom it was very crowed there.I think I cried almost everyday for my bed.September,I was so upset with my parents and fed up I didn't have any privacy I moved out to my boyfriends with his dad.October,It didn't last to long till i left my boyfriends dads with my boyfriend because they argued almost everyday over really stupid things.So we left one night to do laundry only to find that we had been locked out so we found a way in grabbed all our things and left.Where would we go next?We went to his aunts house it was only temporary?Worst mistake of our lives it was even worse but we had to deal with it right?We slept in the living room.In that house lived his aunt his uncle his 2 cousins and his ex stepmom with my boyfriend 2 little brothers.The house was loud and all I could do was sit on the couch and be on my phone(Why am I not at work?Im not a U.S resident so I cant really work).I felt really uncomfortable being there I felt really unwanted but I kept my cool I just didn't want to go back with my parents.I endured a lot constant rude comments because his uncle wasn't to keen on me not working and he called me names but what could I do but stay quiet out of respect for being in someone else's house.Being there put both me and my boyfriend in a lot of stress we still haven't found anywhere to go with my parents.We lost car not long after that.Everything was just falling apart but I didst give up.We ended up leaving January 2018..We both just couldn't take it so we left it was a lot I went through me alone and my boyfriend too and us together but we pulled through.As of now,Im back with my parents and he is back at his dads till we get an apartment at the end of this month..we had to wait for tax season. Im trying to be very positive I thought I could come back on here and vent since I haven't in a while."Little space" as we call it has been put on hold because of the privacy issue of course I believe the lack of it has put us both under even more stress.It will get better soon hopefully I wrote a lot I just needed to get everything out..I dont really have freinds due to the fact that im anti-social I really dont know how to interact with people I guess im very secluded now a days.Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read about my problem.


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    transience is no fun at all! it takes me years to get settled in after moving, and I move on average once every three years - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.