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Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and being an "Adult Baby"...#396

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As an older disabled adult who will be age 60 in around 3 weeks from now, my life seems rather boring.
Not much goes on, except with the occasional odd event of performing a video shoot for the Derry, NH CTV Channel where I volunteer or an occasional necessary medical appointment or my monthly meeting of the board of Directors of the tiny local non-profit organization I am a volunteer unpaid Director of.
The local Spectrum Boston Chapter of the larger Autistic Self Advocacy Network has been quiet for months.
No meetings, no happenings.
The Exeter Chapter of the larger ABLE-NH disability civil rights organization also has been quiet for the last month.
This month's Exeter ABLE-NH Chapter had to be postponed until the 1st week of March.
At least so far, the monthly meeting of the Nashua, NH Robot Builders Club is still on for the 3rd Sunday of the month.
Tomorrow is only the 2nd Sunday of the month.
I will not that it is extremely difficult to get adults with Asperger's Syndrome together to do anything together to build community identity and solidarity.
There are at least a couple dozen Aspies I know of who are in the Greater Salem, NH Area, but I am finding it impossible to get them to join the Asperger Watercooler Live Social and Support Group that I am the Facilitator of.
I will also note that the nearby City of Lawrence, Massachusetts is 80% Hispanic, and I know of only 1 Hispanic Aspie which the non-profit organization I am a Director of is assisting.
The question is, is that there must be many more Hispanic Adult Aspies, but why are they not "coming in" for access to services and to become part of a wider Asperger's/Autism disability Community Subculture.
There are 2 factors in this absence.
1). Machismo - Any "weakness/disability" is seen as "unmanly" and shameful.
2). Even though Lawrence is a "Sanctuary City", the INS is "terrorizing" the entire Hispanic Community in Lawrence, MA and the surrounding area and Immigrant Hispanic Aspies are deathly afraid that Asperger Works, Inc. the non-profit organization I am a Director of is going to hand them over to the INS for summary deportation.
We will not do that.
Anyway, I admit to some depressed feelings this evening.


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