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I'm really confused

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Well I guess my mother isn't really okay with me being DL.

After around 30 Minutes after I came home from Work today she started to talk with me:

She asked me if I still have Nightmares and I said that I rarely have them now. Then she asked me about my bedwetting and I told her that I didn't wet since over a week. She was confused why I still wear diapers then and how I got the Idea to try them. Well I said that I've always been interested in them and that I wanted to try it. I also told that I sleep better when I wear them. My mother said that I should try to stop it or I'll get used to it and start wetting again. She asked me about the whole DL thing and I told her about it.

She suggested that I should see a Psychologist because of it and that I should look for something else to use to relax...

My mother even asked me if I told anyone about it. I lied and said no (I told my best friend)

She reassured me that she wasn't criticizing and judging me...

It felt good to talk with her about it but it was also extremely embarrassing...

I guess she saw a couple of Notifications on the Lock-Screen on my Cellphone, which I forgot at home this morning...

I dunno what to do... should I stop for a couple days or weeks or even entirely?

(I'm sorry if I'm mot making any sense but I'm just confused and still a bit ashamed right now...)

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